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General Ledger

A single integrated ledger. Combines the functionality of the nominal ledger, receivables and payables ledger, income ledger and user defined ledger. Powerful real-time financial transaction processing engine that immediately makes apparent the impact of any financial posting.

Connect MS Excel to your accounting

Gives you the power to create unlimited financial reporting templates. Empowers you to manage all aspects of each cost center with a full set of automated tools.

Generate a consolidated Balance Sheet, Trial Balance or Profit & Loss over multiple periods for your group.

Improve reporting and data entry makes it easy to transform data downloaded from Carmen into reports & to upload entries in bulk using MS Excel.

Journal Voucher

Unlimited Ledger predefined by user allows to organize various vouchers more efficiently and makes it easy to control and track back.

Transaction templates save time and prevent mistakes when entering manual journal entries.

Ensure accuracy and efficiency with a function for automatic creation of accounting entries based on the predefined parameters for recurring voucher. To easily recreate frequent transactions, simply use Copy and Reverse voucher function, saving time and money.

1 + 4 Revisions of Budget

Quickly create full income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statement for new business plans. You can easily forecast the profitability of your business strategy with multiple scenarios.

General Ledger

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