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How much countries travelling to Thailand, What exactly would hoteliers handle in this circumstances?

Knowledge article l 12.04.2024

MOTS announced the statistic of tourists travelling to Thailand in 2024, are around 9 million people. China was the first rank, What do hoteliers handle in this circumstances.

Today, we will update the number of tourists which the Ministry of Tourism and Sports announced on April 8, 2016. According to statistics, 9,988,151 foreign tourists entered Thailand from the beginning of January to April 8, 2016. Compared to the same period last year, tourism generated more than 484,485 million dollars in revenue.

The top five highest-rated numbers of overseas tourists are:

1.China has 1,882,899 individuals.

2.Malaysia has 1,240,667 people.

3.Russia 660,953 people

4.South Korea has 588,759 people.

5.India has 510,879 individuals.

According to data from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports on April 8, the top five tourists who traveled Thailand in the previous week were 126,562 Chinese, 72,093 Malaysians, up 15.50 percent from the previous week, 38,140 Russians, and 37,927 Indian tourists. An increase of 12.89% and 29,886 South Korean tourists, up 17.26% from the previous week.

The Ministry of Tourism and Sports forecasts a big increase in international tourists over the next week as a result of the songkran festival and the ongoing Eid al-Fitr festive in that Muslim country.

Also, the Ministry of Tourism and Sports believes that more foreign tourists are headed to Thailand for a variety of reasons, including A policy of the Free Chinese visa procedure, which has raised the potential of Chinese visitors. The government has facilitated travel easier and encouraged airlines to boost the number of flights by providing exemptions from passport checks and visa-free travel for tourists in India, Taiwan, and Kazakhstan.

“No matter what tourist spending money goes into the ecosystem of the services and tourism industries. We measure of a result from hotel industry, but mainly we can summarize form the average of hotel occupancy rate, the holiday rate of tourists, and the income from entrepreneurial inventory, the revenue from employment in hotel industry, the growth rate of both the service sector, the labor force, and all hotel business sectors, as well as the creative integration of good products, the quality of goods, and the Thainess of the Thai people. “This is a win-win situation across all sectors.”

Ms.Thapanee Kiatphaibool- Governor for Tourism Authority of Thailand

What do we know from summarizing a statistic of Thai tourist?

According to the total number of tourists that exist today, the majority are from China, because of Thailand’s government’s free-visa program for Chinese citizens. All Chinese people have responded positively to this program, as Chinese tourists increased from 34% to 63% in February 2024. For calculating the figure, we have to examine the passenger loading factor on flights from China to Thailand, in addition to the number of bookings for sturdily scheduled flights from April to May. In order to expand, the hotel industry has to undertake adjustments, such as increasing the average room rate (ARR) and the average income per room (RevPar). Other groupings of countries influenced Thai tourism as well.

The quantity of travelers entering the country may additionally help other foreign tourists by encouraging them to make more traveling decisions. According to Adventure trip Trade Association (ATTA) investigations, picking places as a “dupe” has become a critical aspect in passengers’ trip decisions. Nowadays, a growing number of travelers are interested in sustainable tourism, which leads to a desire to visit destinations with unique settings, ecotourism, or even more duplicative locations.

Any tourists believe that exploring in this style will both save their money and benefit. In their opinion they believe that any tourist will be recovering the economic situation in less-populated areas. While traveling can be expensive in their daily life.

According to ATTA statistics from Expedia, an increasing number of tourists are choosing “dupe” locations such as Taipei (dupe to Seoul, Korea), Pattaya (a dupe of  Bangkok), and Perth ( a dupe of flying to Sydney, Australia), etc. There is research showing 13-21 percent consider “dupe” travel as the optional destination because in this style are also travel with no experience and less crowded foreign tourists. As a result, the majority of tourists see this form of travel as sustainable tourism in another way.

How do hotels adjusting to handle high number of tourists?

To give an enjoyable trip for customers, the hotel should always provide facilities, inspect and repair rooms and amenities, and employ innovative marketing techniques and promotions, such as special promotions, discounts, award ceremonies, and so on.

By the end of a long trip or vacation, the hotel must have an administration that makes it easier to operate, allowing you to save a lot of time. The booking process should be quick and easy. The payment method must be accurate, simple, and secure. Using an accounting system will also assist the hotel lessen its accounting burden. In addition, hotel financial software will assist the hotel in managing its accounts in a professional capacity. If your hotel opens recently, you should not hesitate to use this software.

What actually are the trends that hoteliers ought to be responsive to for future tourism?

First, hoteliers must update Thai’ government increasing the minimum wage has recently to 400 bats each day, And this policy will officaily announce in the next days,13th April 2024. Although the minimum wage policy has a minor effect on some hotels, each location also has a different economic situation with varied quantity of tourists, seasons, festivals and consequences. For example, if a hotel pays less than 400 THB to workers in a songkhla, the small percentage of tourists compared to the main tourist province will result in a low average average room rate (ARR) and the average income per room (RevPar), reducing the hotel business margin and flexibility for adaptation.

Secondly, Thai’ government launched a tourism hub policy which implements a tourism development strategy with a systematic focus on tourism by mainly providing facilities to all tourists. They expect these policies will improve the level of experience, prioritizing cleanliness and readiness for all groups of tourists, particularly the disabled and the elderly, as well as providing 24-hour security assurances and upgrading UCEP’s level of emergency crisis protection to include tourists.

Within three to six months, tourists will have access to a standardized hotel with more friendly promotions. Free visa arrangements will be extended to a wide range of nations, adjust some regulatory improvements such as hotel business kinds and regulations, Alcoholic Beverage Control Act, importing tax collection for world-class events policy, and VAT refunds in a variety of areas.

Yet another reason for hotels to adapt is to make hotels more eco-friendly or ecotourism hotel, since the ESG trend is gaining popularity and travelers are shifting to more sustainable tourism, which will allow customers or tourists to participate in keeping their dreams together.

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