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Carmen enrolled in “Hotel Solutions Seminar 2024” to share Hotel PMS experiences with other hoteliers.

Carmen enrolled in “Hotel Solution Seminar 2024 ” sharing PMS system guidelines for successful hotel business strategy.

Carmen Software enrolled in the seminar on April 25–26, 2024, provided services at the CARMEN Software booth, and gave a brief talk on the subject of “Carmen Solution and API Integration in 2024,” sharing the significance of cloud systems hoteliers should select to gain profits in hotel management.

“Carmen Software is a business that offers the most complete solution in terms of hotel accounting management. The system mainly consists of two parts: the accounting solution system that helps in managing the hotel’s accounting and finances. Our accounting system covers the management process of Account Receivable, Account Payable and General Ledger, including Fixed Asset management, as well. Then, it displays the dashboard following hotel standards to show executives in many dimensions. As for the second part, Carmen has a workflow system to help control the ordering process to meet the hotel’s standards, including an inventory system”

– Ms. Chuleeporn Benyanatthakul, Managing Director and founder of Carmen Software.

Carmen Software has also announced that currently, we have collaborated with every PMS partner company in the market. At Carmen’s booth, any hotelier who visits Carmen Software becomes responsive and excited by collaborating with us, with promotional gifts distributed. Carmen Software Company Limited would like to thank all the attendees for their great support of Carmen Software and hope that we will have the opportunity to meet again in the future.

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