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Account Payable

Designed to automate data entry processes, the solution offers optimization of the workload by reducing or eliminating manual transactions and duplicate entries. The business processes are also improved via a flexible batch-oriented Integration which provides efficiency and the ability to correct or edit data at any time.

Vendor Invoice Handling

Recurring invoices can be set to generate automatically and without manual entry. This automation saves time and ensures accuracy. The detailed invoices include; Complete Invoice information, detailing Invoice Date, Transaction Date, Tax Invoice Date, Reference Numbers, Description, Comments etc.

Full Control of Vendor Settlement

Complete control over selection of invoices for full or partial payments. Handles withholding tax with more than one rate per transaction in full or partial payment. Option to recognize transaction by Payment Date, Cheque Date or Clearing Date. 

Localize Purchase Tax

International standards of operation, with localized taxation, including VAT and Withholding Tax procedures and mandatory reports and forms. Input Tax Management ensure complete tracking and maintenance of tax invoices with various status references. Automatically reverse transaction Input Tax Pending to Input Tax Payment.

E-Tax Online Submitting

Available for Thailand and can be adjusted for other countries – PND 2, 3 53 export to specific file format for submitting to revenue department website. More reference information fields added into withholding tax entry screen.

Bank Transfer Integration

Integration to most banks, helps streamline vendor payment process. Batch Payment file can be customized to comply with all local or international Banks requirements.

Cheque Reconciliation

By importing your bank transaction, Carmen verifies that the amounts on the bank statements are consistent and match with the amounts in the company’s Accounts. The analysis will outline any discrepancies and you can choose to simply confirm what Carmen suggests. Keeps the check register update and manages cash outflow using standard procedures and flexible reporting.

Account Payable

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