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How fabulous are the circumstances and accomplishments of ecotourism hotels in Thailand? 

During the COVID outbreak situation, The number of tourists decreased significantly. and tourist spots or areas were recuperating and returning to their natural pristine condition. But today an ecosystem is ready.

When considering current environmental problems, almost all problems were caused by human actions and human daily life. Traveling directly creates many problems for the environment and nature. Therefore, if we can reduce the environmental impact of tourism, it is considered good and worthwhile to become a “conservation tourism” or “Ecotourism”.

According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), 2024 is essential for the tourism industry, as its 2024-27 roadmap has set a target to fully recover from the pandemic. It anticipates that revenue in 2024 will reach 3.1 trillion baht. Thailand aims to create a new tourism ecosystem through high-value experiences and sustainable tourism, as well as accelerating the industry to account for 25% of GDP by 2027.

In 2024, TAT will focus on increasing both the number of tourists and average expenses by targeting quality tourists with high purchasing power and good conscience, who will have respect for the culture and society. For the next four years, The Tourism Authority of Thailand has severely emphasized tourism development by focusing on conserving natural resources and the environment, Promoting sustainable tourism, and Generating income for the rural community. TAT also set their mission for four years that is

“Rebuilding High Value Tourism Industry with Resilience, Sustainability and Inclusive Growth”.

TAT also announced a sustainable tourism strategy and relies on cooperation from the tourism industry. According to the strategy of ecotourism, strategy number 4 is about promoting sustainable tourism development. TAT announced the tourism industry mainly and directly needs cooperation. 

Currently, ecotourism is a tourist spot where foreigners travel most, and ecotourism is sustainable tourism. Therefore, TAT specifically states that entrepreneurs should consider their ability to manage the number of tourists and reduce impacts for creating sustainable tourism that may occur from tourism, such as emissions, waste, climate change, etc. A lot of tourists are also interested in exploring eco-tourism, eco-hotels, and traditional culture as well.

If we look at ecotourism as a service industry, Tourist attractions can be considered to be renewable raw materials. if we can control and prevent through systematic planning and continuously do the tangible. This will support tourist attractions. It is not only beneficial for sustainable tourism without deteriorating. But it also does not affect the ecosystem beyond the carrying capacity.

However, Ecotourism determines the increasing number of resort or ecotourism hotels in Thailand. Many ecotourism hotels employ trickle-interesting use of sustainable business principles by focusing on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues.

Carmen hotel financial software provides the definition of it. One of the main benefits of incorporating ESG principles into a hotel’s operations is the ability to demonstrate commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. In today’s business environment, customers, investors, and employees are increasingly looking for companies that prioritize these values. By addressing ESG issues, hotels can show that they are taking steps to reduce their environmental footprint and support their local communities. This can help attract and retain customers, investors, and employees, which can ultimately lead to improved financial performance. 

For example, a hotel that invests in renewable energy sources and implements programs to reduce waste and water usage can appeal to environmentally-conscious customers. Similarly, a hotel that partners with local organizations to support education and community development initiatives can appeal to customers who value social responsibility. By incorporating ESG principles, hotels can differentiate themselves from competitors and build a positive reputation.

On the other hand, ignoring ESG issues can lead to negative consequences for hotels. Failing to address ESG issues can damage a hotel’s reputation and lead to financial losses. For example, if a hotel is not adequately managing its waste and water usage, it may face fines and penalties from regulatory authorities. Similarly, if a hotel is not providing fair and safe working conditions for its employees, it may face legal challenges and negative publicity.

Ignoring ESG issues can also put a hotel at a competitive disadvantage. As customers, investors, and employees become more aware of ESG issues, they may choose to patronize or invest in hotels that are proactive in addressing these issues. By failing to consider ESG factors, hotels may lose out on business to competitors that are seen as more responsible and sustainable.

As we are talking about tourism, this kind of traveling is designed to save an abundant ecosystem. The process will bring people and nature’s lives together. Therefore, Ecotourism also determines the increasing number of resorts or ecotourism hotels in Thailand. So, many ecotourism hotels choose to combine luxury with friendly practices along with hotel activities.

Carmen software has selected some examples of ecotourism hotels from our alliance’s customer for you..Let’s go have a look.

Silavadee Pool Spa Resort@Samui, Suratthani

This place is considered a Thai trait because this business has one and only Thai branches. The accommodation is a pool villa style with the perfect location chosen. Their location was abundant with nice ecology and services. Shady atmosphere. If you’re lucky, You may also see a gang of dolphins near the resort. Some years there will be sea turtles that come to lay eggs as well.

Warana Krabi Hotel

A new hotel where guests can choose the view according to their needs, such as sea view, mountain vibe, and wellness swimming pool (Olympic standards), and beautiful gardening. This kind of view blends with the eco-friendly furniture in the rooms. The food was high-quality ingredients and locally sourced. All fruits and vegetables used are sourced from organic farms without chemicals. Healthy people can enjoy the food here.

Veranda High Resort Hotel Chiang Mai

This hotel is decorated with greenery trees, this hotel is calm and refreshing, and has an open-air lobby overlooking nature. They serve good local and premium food, with strong flavors. Customers also shop in local handicraft shops.

Anantara Rasa Nanda Phangan

The accommodation is a pool villa style, and the location is beside the beach. The atmosphere is shady and filled with trees and gardening. Their restaurant is on a clean white sand beach. Every villa has a jar to collect rainwater and use to wash your feet before entering the room. The resort also has activities for customers such as kayaking activities along the coast and Stretching with cliffside yoga as well.

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