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Hotel Financial Management System

CARMEN Hotel Financial Software was designed by experienced Financial Controllers from the hospitality industry.

CARMEN features and functionalities are based on industry best practices to help reduce user workload and optimize efficiency and accuracy while remaining very flexible and auditability.

CARMEN Hotel Finance Management Solutions


Mobile accessible dashboards provide live data statistics to assist in better business decisions.

API Ready

Freely choose the third-party technology solutions for your business. All data that meaningful for accounting can be extracted and imported while respecting business logic rules via the API.

Data Analytics

Up to 20 analytic dimensions per transaction, permitting a better view of the business and providing powerful analytics on transactions and accounts.

Excel Integration

Connect with your MS Excel spreadsheets for improved and flexible reporting, and eliminate duplication or errors from manual data entry.

SaaS Cloud Software

Cloud Accounting software that is easy to use. Cost-effective, provides easier accessibility and a higher return on investment.

PMS Integration

Fully Integrated with Property Management System, transforming data to accounting transactions including key statistical data.

Our Customer Experience

Mr. Wittaya Nuallaong
Director of Finance
Veranda Resort Pattaya

 They are competent and knowledgeable. This translates in their ability to understand the problems and challenges that users face and to solve them with care. Another reason why I chose the Carmen Software is because of the continued development and addition of new functions. It makes our work easier and easier.

Why Choose CARMEN ?​

Total Integrated Hotel Financial Management Solutions.

Perfectly designed to streamline hotel finance operations.​

Work locally and internationally, with multi currencies, from multi locations.

About CARMEN Hotel Accounting System

When it comes to Hotel Financial Management, we understand the challenges that hotels are facing today. The complexity and quantity of data that needs to be captured consumes valuable resources and times. In the meantime, hotels need to adapt to the ever-challenging environment and information needed to support timely decision making is vital. An application that is designed precisely for hotel industries is necessary to allow hoteliers to complete daily tasks efficiently.

Carmen Hotel Financial Management Software focuses on building standard processes and data retrieval, or ease of implementation and usage. It provides a consistent end user experience that is repeated across all applications. Implements industry best practices to help reduce user workload and optimise vital resources, while still remaining very flexible and auditable.

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Years of experience

Our Customer


With more than 15 years’ experience in executive hotel finance management, Khun Wittaya is a new generation executive with a modern vision. He recognizes the importance of, and expects, accuracy at every level from accounting solutions.

“I chose Carmen Software as the accounting system with Veranda Resort Pattaya and imposed it as a standard for our other hotels in the Veranda group. During the system installation period, I encountered some challenges and I was impressed with the ability of the Carmen support team to address and solve them rapidly and efficiently. I appreciate that the support team has extensive experience in the hotel software industry, they are competent and knowledgeable. This translates in their ability to understand the problems and challenges that users face and to solve them with care. Another reason why I chose the Carmen Software is because of the continued development and addition of new functions. It makes our work easier and easier.”

Wittaya Nuallaong

Director of Finance, Veranda Resort Pattaya

“Every single module of Carmen Software is user friendly and easy to use. The system fully adapts to standard hotel operations. Automation of the daily procedures has helped significantly improve our ability to complete all tasks so much faster. Carmen’s full integration provides us with the ability to work more efficiently, no more manual work and no more redundant process. The most important and most appreciated benefit is Carmen Support team professionalism, they are always very helpful and quick to respond, it provides me and my team confidence in the solution.”

Khun Tassanee has been part of the Evason Resort and Spa Hua Hin since the hotel opening in 2002. As the Financial Controller, she has worked with the full suite of Carmen Hotel Accounting System since the first day as Account Payable officer.

Tassanee Sintupijarn

Financial Controller, Evason Hua Hin

“I have had firsthand experience with Carmen Accounting system while at Villa Maly in Luang Prabang, Lao. Some of the reasons why I recommend Carmen Software are that it is easy to use, it completely integrates with other systems and complies with standard Hotel operating procedures. The Carmen team has always ensured quick and efficient support to address all our issues. I have full confidence and prefer to use Carmen Software in any Hotel that I work at, mostly because I trust and appreciate the always immediate assistance from the support team.”

Palada Waisuwan

Financial Controller, Akaryn Hotel Group

Khun Kanokporn extensive experience in Hotel openings in Thailand and abroad includes planning of Hotel operations for all departments, metrics measurements for Management, Accounting processes efficiency. She has always chosen to use the Carmen accounting system in every hotel that she has had the opportunity to be part of.

“Carmen Software is an accounting system designed specifically for the hotel business. We can install and adapt it to the system quickly. One of the most important benefits of using Carmen is that it covers all expected accounting features and functions and it is flexible and can be customized to adapt to the environment of each hotel. Also, the Carmen support team is always on stand-by during the implementation period to help when problems arise and complete implementation in time.”

Khun Kanokporn Precha

Financial Controller, Shellsea Krabi

Thanks to simple and full featured functions, we find Carmen to be the most practical and easy to use Accounting software. We appreciate the simplicity and yet complete solution especially when working on Audits.

The Carmen support team is always there to answer our calls and are so quick to offer assistance when we need it. The service is second to none. The Carmen solid reputation as a leader in the industry is well desired.

Khun Janya

Financial Controller, Rocky Resort

With many years of experience in the Hotel industry in many departments, I can appreciate the complexities of each user group and specifically with regards to Finance and Accounting challenges. The particular functions of the Accounting and Finance department require a system that can be trusted and relied upon like no other. Exactitude, time sensitiveness, efficiency are just a few of the priorities that the Accounting team face on a daily basis. My team’s feedback has always been positive and Carmen has proven to be the most reliable and appreciated software by users across the industry. Even with limited resources, using Carmen has provided us with the efficiency we need to automate much of the processes, providing all the financial reports with accuracy and in time. One of the best parts of working with Carmen is that we can count on the support. The involvement and attention to details from Carmen support team helps us be has efficient has we can be.

Khun Wilawan

Financial Controller, Thai Garden Resort Pattaya

From the few brands of Back Office systems for Hotel, Carmen Software is one of the best. Carmen Accounting Software can perform all functions and is designed specifically for hotel operations addressing all of the Accounting requirements. The investment is much lower than other systems and the long-term total cost is very reasonable.

I have been using Carmen Software since 2011, over the years Carmen has consistently provided remarkable service. Constantly developing new features and offering upgrades while remaining available via API to any PMS system. My hotel has changed PMS systems and yet we have remained with Carmen for all of our back office.

Khun Chaiyan Inkaew

IT Manager, Andaman Embrace

Thank you for the assistance and special attention the Carmen Hotel Financial Software has provided the Zeavola Resort over the many years.

The hands-on service, and collaboration have been very valuable. Carmen Hotel Financial Software enabled us to be more productive and efficient as a team. This allowed me personally the time to focus on running the business while knowing that the hotel finance systems were running smoothly and securely.

It has been a pleasure to work with Carmen Hotel Financial Software for so many years, and we look forward to maintaining our business relationship in the future.

Mr. Lion Imhof

General Manager, Zeavola Resort

In the hotel business, preparing and collecting numbers for financial reports is not an easy task. Because the workload and accounting entries are quite enormous on both receivables and payables. The transaction volume will increase depending on the size of the hotel, the number of rooms and the offering of services or facilities that we provide to the hotel guests, such as restaurants, spas, golf and other services to create experiences for our customers.

Whether in normal situations or in situations where we have to deal with Covid, Financial reports are very important for managers at all levels to make decisions in various activities, including investments, under any circumstances. I have been in the hotel business for more than 10 years and I have used quite a variety of accounting systems. Carmen is a system that is considered famous and reliable for hotel accountants, and it provides all functions and very good after-sales service.

In fact, there are many accounting systems to choose from. But there are few accounting systems designed specifically for hoteliers. Carmen is an accounting system designed specifically for hotels.

Khun Natthawut Panmee (Wut)

Assistance Group Financial Controller, White Sand Blue Sea Group (Khaolak Emerald Group)

With the pandemic affecting our industry and forcing us to reduce staff, automation became a priority. Carmen Software fully integrated systems made a huge difference in our ability to be even more efficient even with limited resources.

The Carmen Accounting system is easy to use and you can quickly learn by yourself. The Financial Statements are automatically separated by departments which helps reduce a lot of time. The customer service team is also very helpful with clear answers and quick responses.

Ms. Thunthicha Inboonya

Cluster Financial Controller, Best Western Premier Bayphere Pattaya

“Carmen has truly revolutionized the way we understand financial & accounting management in the residential business. They are the only company that was willing to go out of the norm, to provide us a multi-property environment which serves both our long-term (serviced apartment) business and our short-term (hotel service) business. We are pleased to have them on board and look forward to extending our partnership with our upcoming projects in Phuket, Bangkok, and Chonburi.”

Mr. Roberto Abusada R.

Head of Strategy and Technology, HOMA

With over two decades of experience using Carmen accounting software, I can confidently and happily recommend this dependable, ever-evolving, intuitive, cost-effective, and easy-to-integrate accounting software.

We recently switched to Carmen Cloud and I would say it is an excellent platform which allows you to operate securely from anywhere.

Carmen is intuitive and perfectly programmed for the hospitality business; the features and functions are well thought out, straightforward, logical and eliminates redundancy; anyone with a basic understanding of software can use it.
Carmen Cloud licensing and implementation fee is a fraction of what most other complicated software would ask.
We recently changed our PMS and POS systems to Hoteltime, one of Carmen partners, and the transition was seamless. Carmen and Hoteltime integrate perfectly without any problem. And I must mention Carmen excellent team; technical support is accessible and very helpful, and Managing Director Stephane Paradis ensures that any concerns are dealt with promptly.

I would highly recommend Carmen Cloud accounting software. Furthermore, if you are looking to integrate accounting with PMS and POS systems, you can not go wrong with Carmen Cloud & Hoteltime !

Ms. Anselma Niehaus

Thai Garden Resort Hotel, Managing Director



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